CYBERIAD: Integrated Solutions to Your Biomedical Question



仪器设备 Devices


Cyberiad develops intelligent devices that fulfill different biomedical applications. Our bioprinter series are suitable for different applications. We also provide high throughput liquid handlers, 3D culture devices, and robots for biomedical applications. We can also develop customized devices in accordance with our customer needs.

技术服务 Services


Cyberiad provides customized technical services, including drug sensitivity evaluations for personalized treatments, drug efficacy and safety evaluations, and research collaborations. We have specialist teams to collaborate with clients from hospitals, universities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies to meet different demands. 

生物墨水 Bioinks


Cyberiad offer highly standardized biocompatible biomaterials and bioninks. We offer research-grade and GMP-grade light-sensitive inks that cover 90% of the extracellular matrix materials of tissues and organs. Customized biomaterials and bioinks are also available upon request.